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The Air Hurts My Face- My First Winter and Other Mentions

Ciao Y'all! Hope everyone had a great weekend! The cafe hosted it's first, "Sweet Tooth Saturday", we didn't quite get the turn our we were hoping for, but that's okay We were having some fabulous weather and lots of events were going on locally, we'll try again closer to the holidays. But, that weather...What a beautiful weather weekend! Hope everyone was able to enjoy the sunshine. I have a feeling we are nearing the end of our warm days, but I'll continue to live in denial for bit, as I dread our winters.

Speaking of winters, my first winter experience was during the ice storms in 2013. I was in Sioux Falls, preparing to move there from California, I was living in my suitcase. Working in Sioux Falls during the week and flying home to California most weekends. On the morning of April 9th, which coincidentally was also my birthday. I woke up listening to Nancy Naeve on the TV, who was quite dramatically and with much concern, reporting on an ice storm which had occurred overnight. She was standing outside in a grove somewhere and you could hear the crackling sound of tree branches breaking and see falling limbs everywhere. They also reported that traffic was moving slowly and to use caution. Although a little hesitant and nervous, I started to get ready and head out for the office. I headed out to the hotel parking lot, where my rental car was. I struggled opening the door. "Why won't this dang door open, is the remote broken?" I thought and mumbled under my breath, as normally do when I'm anxious or nervous. I can't feel my face or my fingers. I thought of a meme I had seen online that week, which had a sketch of a tiny cartoon person standing in the snow with a frozen face, that said "The air hurts my face!" "Why do I live in a place where the air hurts my face?" lol What I know now, and didn't know then, is the lock was frozen. Luckily, I had a key and after some major key wiggling in the lock, it opened. I started the car up and let it run for a good 20 minutes, but the snow and the ice that was apparently glued to my windshield, was doing nothing. In a little bit of a panic (maybe a lot of panic), I called my New Jersey born boss for advice. With much concern and defeat in my voice...."I've been sitting here for over 20 minutes now with my defroster on and nothing is happening" I explained. "I can't even get my wipers on, they're stuck!" I exclaimed. He chuckled, and said "Okay, it'll be okay, look behind your seat," he said reassuringly. "Do you see a long stick with a scraper thing on it?" "That's an ice scraper, all rentals have them this time of year," he explained. "To start you'll need to take that and start pushing the snow and scraping the ice off the windows." Still laughing he said, " Next time you hear snow forecasted leave your wipers up." YES, I was that naive when it came to snow. I followed his instructions and made it to the office a little cold and wet, and with some very shot nerves from my 15 minute icy commute, actually dodging some downed tree branches along my white knuckle drive. That was my introduction to Midwest winters, and what an introduction it was. It makes a funny story now, as many old stressful memories do, and I find it hysterically funny now. That was a little over 10 years ago. I've had quite the winter education I do love the changing of the seasons the Midwest gives us, summer and fall are my favorites. But, honestly I don't know how y'all are still smiling and being Midwest nice in the winter. but I'm glad you are. For me, I'm a work in progress. Trying my best to embrace the coldness ahead with a smile!

I'll be posting the specials of the week later this evening, both on this blog and my Facebook page. We will have lots of goodies available in our dessert case, including.... pies, cheesecake, muffins, blondie brownies, cinnamon rolls and more! Don't forget our daily "Pie Happy Hour" from 2:30-4:00, stop in for half priced pie and our 99 cent coffee, a great pick me up for any afternoon slumps and also a great place to hang out with or your friends. We are open 9-4 Wednesday- Friday. Breakfast and lunch!

Thank you for checking our my weekly blog! Wishing everyone a fantastic week with many blessings coming your way!

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