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Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This ...

Last week was a hard one, my childhood bestie passed away unexpectedly, we reconnected years ago and it's like we had never been apart. It's so great to have those kind of forever friends. The low maintenance ones, the ones you can be apart from for days, years, months and when you see each other again it's like nothing has changed between you, although everything could have changed, but the one steady is you are and will always be friends. Thanks to social media we continued to stay in touch over the years. She was funny, kind, beautiful inside and out, and her family was her world. Please send prayers to her family for peace and comfort during this time. I Love you "Hoving",

On Thursday we attended the Luke Bryan farm concert in Colfax, Iowa. it was something. In the middle of nowhere, in a hay field, lots and lots of people. The music was awesome, 3 opening acts, and great weather. Since I'm a "Foodie" let's talk about the food options for a minute. They had a Mexican food truck which had a line of about 75 people and they had another stand which sold 'Fair" type food, like corn dogs, fries, funnel cakes, and lemonade. Not much of a line and this is why...... Everything at this stand was $15, including the lemonade, I thought it was a joke at first. Crazy, I jokingly called it the $15 store. Sadly, we caved and bought a few things, one being a 16 oz lemonade. We were thirsty, and that's all I have to say about that. lol It turns out Luke was staying at our hotel, I didn't find out til check out and was sad I didn't see him at breakfast. I found it kinda cool, but it would have been cooler if we would've ran into him. lol

Steph ran the cafe while we were gone, and did a great job. She had a a few guests and served up some of our yummy lunch specials and pies. Thank you to all of you who stopped in last week and showed grace and support. We are continuing to focus on our consistency, just a reminder our open time is Wed-Fri 9am-4pm. We may add more hours later, but this is what we are committed to at this time.

Thanks for reading my blog and for all of you who support us. We appreciate and love our customers. Stop in and see us this week for some great lunch specials (Hot Beef, Mom's Meatloaf and more) and don't forget to check out our thrift/antique shop. If you like my blog, please leave a comment. Also, we are wanting to know what your favorite pies are, so please kindly mention that if you feel so inclined. Wishing everyone a great week, looks like we are going to have some nice weather. And, for all of the Farmers out there, wishing y'all a happy and safe harvest.

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